2017.05.27 -Festival Nasledie

The first festival caused a lot of positive feedback, so it was decided to repeat it. The event was timed to the Day of the military driver. And this time the military trucks really made their mark! Or rather made a splash! But the whole thing happened after the main program and it was spontaneous. It was necessary to help to transport the division gun ZIS 2 to its  place in Victory Park. This work was entrusted to the GAZ 63. The difficulty was that this year the Kuban River overflowed, a very large area was flooded. The GAZ 63  got bogged down in the depleted soil. He came to the aid of ZIL 157, who pulled out GAZik even without connecting the front axle. Further, Gazik continued the way, picked up the gun and could not go up the stairs with it. And again ZIL came to his aid, who pulled out the Gazik together with the gun. For all this action, an incredible number of spectators from the park and the picnic zone came running. The people were delighted, everyone liked it!