About us

The Krasnodar regional public organization of the keepers of the history of technology “Nasledie” was founded on October 13, 2017. The organization was created by people who, over the past yeahrs, have collected fragments of our common heritage in pieces. The first documented date, when the owners of retro cars came together, can be called the Retro Technology Parade in Gorky Park in Krasnodar in May 1986 (Komsomolets Kubani newspaper).

In the nineties, when imported cars began to enter the market massively, people began to get rid of old cars and motorcicles, as from unnecessary trash. And only a few continued to collect this “trash”.

In view of the limited space most collections were more like a heap of everything on everything. In some cases, these piles are really worthwhile rarities. In the photo there are two Mercedes Pullman 1937.

That is why the main target for our organization is to create a complite museum for retro technic and other items of the past ages from antiques to everyday objects of ordinary people. Such filling will most fully send the spirit of the time represented: how people lived, what they sought, what they overcame. We do not do this for ourselves. No. This is all for those who now walk under the table. So that when they start asking us: “Dad, who am I? Who are you?”, We had something to answer and what to show to them.